Idea  executed is the ultimate essence.
...Fresh ideas for managing your most valuable assets.

Structuring & Placement Advisor for a reputed Real Estate Company in Eastern India - US $30 Million

Credit Enhancement for performance Bond for S.African EPC company - US $7 Million

Project & Technology Management Services


Technology Management Group work on the Ideas, Concepts & Innovative which will change the current pattern of the way particular things are done.

Our three tiers of technology and technologically advanced product verticals are:

Incubating & Owning Technology : The in house concept & ideas developed into powerful tools and acquired from the inventors/ developer.
Territorial Rights : Technology Tie-up with the technology providing company that is the license for selling the technology in specific territory. This gives access to the mature technology and the income generation for the technology owner. The local R&D and adaption are done in house.
Outsourced Technology for Third Party : Identifying the technologies which are useful to strategic partners and clients.
These, technology and IP’s are housed at a common place with an objective to commercialize in the local market, Scale up the production and application for the large potential market.
Project Management function helps us to work as a partner of clients and on challenging projects along with the identified resources and partners. The focus is on capability development and adding wings to support to reach the project goal. The activities are:

Capability Development
  Resource Assessment, Grid Integration of resources and resource mobilization.
  Market study and Investment Strategy.
  Project Development Support – Pre & Post Development.
  Project Structuring & Project Finance.
  Project Import and Exports.
  Diagnostic Studies, Capacity Building and Market Development.
  Bidding Strategy & Assistance.
  Search of partners for technical, referral, qualifications, financial and strategic requirement.