Creating value through independent ideas & advice.

Placement of FCCB Issue as Transaction, Placement & Indian Financial Advisor listed in Luxemburg for an Engineering Company in India - US $10 Million

Advisor for Structuring , Reorganization & Placement of Debt for a Singapore based Dredger Company - US $20 Million

Social Enterprises

We work on Social Enterprises with an aspiration to work on the Social Eco System. The objective is to provide a sustainable solution to a large number of people and create a long term sustainable business.

We promote social enterprises with the local people on the ground & participate in :

  Concept , organize management bandwith & scalibility.
  Funding , Equity & Structuring for Sourcing funds.
  Bringing the latest viable technology and applications to reduce cost.
Our Model
  For profit organisation for bringing social upliftment & betterment.
  Reach last mile and serve vast section of bottom of pyramid.
  Work with technology to bring cost & delivery advantage for convinience.
  Local & Global partnership, Joint Venture and collaboration.
  People FIRST and businesses around them.

Our Initiative
  Microfinance Company in India.
  Online Charity engine to facilitate micro donation.
  Social Training.